Write Freely on Yesil Club

Welcome to blog.yesil.club. This is a Writefreely powered blog sharing site. I started this hosting this server because:

Sharing is Caring

Writing blog is a great way to share your knowledge, opinions, ideas, projects, experiences and more. Knowledge (and sharing it) should be more accessible.

Blogs are Limitless

Unlike posts on micro-blogging platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon, Pleroma etc, there is no character limit for blog posts. It is possible to fit multiple novels into a single post.

Blogging should be Easy

Writefreely is a strictly blogging platform. Unlike more feature rich blogging platforms, Writefreely won't overwhelm you with its bells and whistles because it doesn't try to be more than blogging platform.

I already have a personal blog. But there still are reasons for me to host a Writefreely server:

  1. I like blogging. But not everyone is me and not everyone can go through the hustle of managing domain, DNS, hosting etc. to share few blogs.
  2. I believe hosting a server accessible to public is a great way to show my future employers that I have the knowledge and can put it into practice too.
  3. Unfortunately many social media sites are powered by corporations which have business practices that I oppose. There should be more alternatives.
  4. I like Fediverse. But integrating it to an already established service can be a challenge. It would be nice to have a place that is part of Fediverse from the get go.
  5. I hate threads 🧵 on micro-blogging platforms. If you have a message that is too long for a micro-blog, it is a blog. If you don't have a blog, just use blog.yesil.club. Don't bring your bad habits from Twitter into Mastodon.

Conclusion: I felt that I had to.

General Topic Server

This is for writing about anything. We don't mind if your blog's topic swings wildly from computer software to adventure novel, cookie recipe to tree house building instructions, pet caring tips to proper sun bathing tips. You are just encouraged to write about that silly fairy tale you wrote for your newborn, make a list of dad jokes you actually find funny, reveal your secret meatloaf recipe (yes we welcome meemaws too). This is social media, and you are encouraged to share the knowledge, entertainment, musings and the feelings.

If you are having a problem with something that is very difficult to explain in a short message, write a blog to ask for help. Sometimes what we share isn't the presence but the absence.

What we don't talk

This is not a place for writing about everything. There is such thing as over-sharing. This is a public server and anyone with the link to your published blog posts can read them. Share mindfully.

I am not willing to host a server that will just spread racism, hate-speech, white-supremacy messages, NSFW content, doxxing (revealing others' personal information) and other crap. This is a place to voice your opinions and ideas without attacking each other.


This server is about anything, but not everything. There is a very thin line. And as long as you don't cross it, you are welcome.

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